Indigenous masks, sculpture, traditional crafts made for generations are an authentic picture of the cultures they serve

Tribal art, folk arts

Made to be used, these pieces speak of the comforts of daily life, and people who created them 

textiles, furniture, jewelry

appraisals, restoration, books


18th C. architectural details, old ceramics, Buddhist art and artifacts made to protect, delight and adorn

beautiful, collectable Art and adornments, each with a story to tell ...

Asian art & antiques

​​Indigo in the North loop is moving !...

we have closed our North Loop location and will reopen

in our new spaces:  1400 4th Street NE and

​ 1500 Jackson St. NE (in the Northrup King Building)

early in this space for more info, or look for us on Facebook and Instagram.              

Folk Art, Furniture, Textiles and Jewelry from Asia, Africa and the Pacific since 1979

More than thirty years of expertise and experience in appraising, conservation, restoration and textile mounting